how to remove old carpet

How to Remove Old Carpet

If you’re planning to DIY new flooring in your home then you need to know how to remove old carpet. Valet Trash Professionals is happy to offer these great tips for how to remove old carpet from your home.

What You Need

DIY Network points out that “Pulling up carpet is a relatively easy task although when rolled up a carpet can be very heavy, bulky and difficult to move.” Having the proper tools can make the job easier. Gather these items before you get started.

  • Pliers
  • Utility knife with sharp blades
  • Heavy gloves
  • Prybar
  • Floor scraper
  • Dust mask & safety glasses

With these tools on hand and a strong back or two, you’re ready to tackle the job! Should I Recycle Scrap Metal? can be read and learned more about here. take a look at our article on Recycle Scrap Metal in NWA.

How to Remove Old Carpet

  1. Remove all furniture from the room.
  2. Starting in the corner of the room, use pliers to grip the carpet and pull up.
  3. Grab the carpet with both hands and pull up along the wall until one side of the room is free from the carpet tacks.
  4. Continue pulling the carpet up, folding it back every few feet. Depending on the size of the room, consider using a utility knife to cut the carpet into strips for easier lifting and removal.
  5. Pull padding up, being careful of the glue and/or staples that were used to secure it to the subfloor.
  6. Use pliers and floor scrapers to remove adhesive and staples.
  7. If you’re laying a new carpet, you may be able to leave the existing tack strips. If you’re laying new wood, vinyl, or tile, use a pry bar to remove the tack strips carefully.
  8. Recycle or dispose of carpet, padding, and debris.

How to Dispose of Old Carpet

Disposing of old carpet and padding can be a chore. You can haul it to a recycling center or landfill yourself, contact your local trash provider about bulky waste services, or call a professional junk removal company. Valet Trash Professionals is happy to haul away your old carpet, padding, and other DIY home renovation debris. Of course, if your idea of how to remove old carpet is letting someone else do it, we’re happy to handle the job!  We’ll bring the proper tools, the strong backs, and a dumpster to load it all up and haul it away so you can get straight to the fun of laying new floors!  Give VTP a call today and we’ll be happy to provide you with a no-obligation estimate for full-service carpet removal and haul off. (479) 236-4981

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