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Furniture and appliance removal is a difficult task to handle on your own. If you’re replacing your current furniture or appliances, the store where you purchased the new furniture may provide a removal service. However, outside of this, you’ll likely be stuck with the old sofa, mattress, sectional, or other pieces of furniture, wondering what to do with it. You can go through the city, which provides some professional rubbish removal options, but this can take time. The city often does not come out to remove bulky items regularly, which means you may end up with a couch sitting on your front lawn or in your garage for weeks (if not months). Instead, Valet Trash Professionals provides mattress removal, refrigerator removal, couch removal and other furniture removal the day you need it. This way, there’s no more waiting around for the bulky waste pickup.

We describe Junk as any items that no longer have a use or value to the owner.

Customers often find they have a need for junk removal after buying new furniture, packing in preparation for a move, garage junk removal, cleaning out the shed, removing a hot tub, after the passing of a family member, after the kids move out, when their renters leave the place trashed or even after the purchase of a new property that needs some cleaning up. No matter your junk situation, we have you covered with dedicated junk hauling teams with the right equipment.


It doesn’t matter what kind of household junk removal that you need help with, Valet Trash Professionals provides a professional service explicitly dedicated to the removal of these bulky waste items. From taking away a sofa that was in the basement during a flood or a mattress removal that has been a thorn in your side, whatever furniture you need to be removed from the property can be taken care of with Valet Trash Professionals.

There is no limit to the size of the furniture, whether the furniture is made from wood or fabric, or if the furniture is even functional, Valet Trash Professionals offers you a professional rubbish removal service to remove it from the property. We also offer estate and hoarding cleanup. All you need to do is give our team at Valet Trash Professionals a call, and we will handle the rest.


If you’ve ever tried to use a couch removal services from the city or local garbage removal companies, you know how difficult it can be to align schedules. The city trash removers often provide junk appliance removal services, but these are not done daily. In fact, you may be told of a specific time or duration for when the city will provide appliance removal and bulky waste from your area of town. This might be in the coming days, or it might be weeks down the line. Chances are, you don’t want to leave furniture sitting by the driveway for weeks or months on end. This attracts animals, will do a number on the grass under the furniture and reduces the curb appeal of your property. Plus, if you’re moving out in the next several days (or at least need to be out in the next few days) leaving furniture on the curb is not an option.

Instead of waiting for the city to pick up your bulky items (and paying for the correct authentication tags), Valet Trash Professionals will work with your to make sure that junk appliance removal is scheduled and removed from your property when you need it gone. All you need to do is contact Valet Trash Professionals and talk to the helpful customer service staff about the furniture removal professional service. This way, the household junk removal will be completed directly from your home, without ever sitting on your lawn or you waiting weeks for a service provider to arrive.

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