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Renovation and remodeling projects require a certain level of demolition skills that calls for professional services, which is where Valet Trash Professionals and Junk Removal Company comes in. We offer light demolition and junk removal services for both residential and commercial properties and projects. Regardless of your needs, our team of professionals is always ready to provide invaluable assistance for your property improvement projects. Read on to discover more about some of our most sought-after services.

At Valet Trash Professionals, we offer light residential demolition services for both the interior and exterior parts of your home. Whether you’re contemplating a full home renovation project, a kitchen demolition project or remodeling another specific area in your home, you can count on our experts to deliver remarkably. Some of the services offered for residential demolition projects include:

Deck Demolition | Kitchen Demolition | Shed Demolition | Fence Removal | Light Commercial Demolition


Are you looking to remodel your bathroom? Small bathroom demo projects are one of our specialties. As a part of your bathroom demo plans you may find yourself with a large bathtub that needs to be removed. These can be cumbersome and sometime may need to be cut into pieces to be removed. Additionally, they can be very heavy and require you to seek professional assistance. Our teams are equipped with the appropriate tools that enable us to execute the removal quickly while causing minimal disruption to your home.

VTP Services is an excellent resource for these small bathroom demo projects. We will arrive and assess your needs, seal off areas to prevent unwanted dust from traveling all around your home and safely remove the necessary walls, fixtures, ceilings, etc as needed for your bathroom demolition. We will also haul the bath tub, other fixtures and any debris away, eliminating the need to engage yet another company. Contact us for a free consultations of your bathroom demolition needs and we will get your project scheduled quickly to help you stay on time and on budget.


Installing a deck in your home can be one of the most significant projects you will undertake. Every day, you and your family are likely to spend quality time on it, gathering together, chatting or enjoying food outside. After decades of use, however, your wood deck may begin to deteriorate and experience structural issues, which could become dangerous. Yearly inspection and observations can help in preventing a costly replacement but if you have note managed these well then, a deck removal may be your only solution. Sometimes these projects are simple but other times a full deck demolition can be dangerous and also time consuming, not to mention figuring out what to do with the old deck materials. Our team of deck removal experts have the experience to safely dismantle your old deck and the equipment required to tackle projects large and small.

Having the right deck demolition equipment is paramount to getting your project completed quickly and safely. We have the dump trailers and trucks that are needed to haul away your deck debris whether it is concrete, steel or wood and we will take care to recycle materials so that unnecessary waste is not ending up in the landfill. Our workers also adhere to strict safely standards and we pride ourselves in tackling deck demolition projects time without incident even though our insurance has us fully covered. Let us help you with your deck demolition today.

Our professional service will come in handy; our many years of experience coupled with state of the art equipment allow us to demolish and remove the entire deck expediently so that you can have a new one installed.

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Have you grown tired of your current kitchen and just need to make a fresh start? We can assist you with your DIY or self contracted project by providing fast, cost effective kitchen demolition services. Our team with take precautions to protect the non-affected areas of your home as we safely remove all cabinets, lighting, sheetrock, flooring and other items that you want removed. We love helping home-owners with their projects and you can count on VTP to handles your demolition needs.


Maybe you’ve just bought a house, you love it, and you can’t wait to move in. There’s one problem though; an old ugly shed or fence that’s adversely affecting your home’s curb appeal. Luckily, the light demolition experts from Valet Trash Professionals and Junk Removal Company are here to help. These pros will help you to get rid of the unsightly fence or shed in a bid to reinstate your compound’s aesthetic appeal. They will even carry way the demolished materials and debris, leaving you with a spotless outdoor space to use.


At our company, we understand that business owners don’t have all the time to engage in do-it-yourself renovations in their commercial properties. Since we don’t want you to waste valuable time struggling to tear down old built-in cabinets, remove unsightly flooring, ceiling or walls, we’ll provide you with professional service that will satisfy your demolition needs. We also understand that first impressions matter, so when you need to remove and upgrade your sidewalk or entryway, our professionals will be at your beck and call. After hiring us, we’ll take care of both the demolition and removal requirements to ensure that your property remains debris free.

Valet Trash Professionals and Junk Removal isn’t your ordinary service provider when looking to undertake renovation and remodeling projects. We are committed to providing the residents of Northwest Arkansas with friendly and professional demolition and removal services. Our team of specialists is well-equipped and conversant with various demolition tricks to ensure effective removal of unwanted structures without damaging your property. With our company, you can expect extraordinary professional service that will make you thank the heavens for hiring us.

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