While buying new stuff has always been easy, getting rid of accumulated junk can be very difficult. For individuals who feel so attached to the items they purchase that they develop a tendency toward hoarding, professional cleanup services are an excellent solution.

A shed or garage is a fantastic addition for keeping your lawn mower, tools, and other items. However, over time, sheds and garages can deteriorate and may start to fall apart. Whether due to the weather or neglect, these assets can become more problematic than they are worth and one must decide if a shed removal or garage removal is the best solution. If you have a shed you need to tear down due to either its current state or you’re moving, and it has been recommended to remove the construction from your property, you will need to take advantage of a professional service offered to you by Valet Trash Professionals. With our shed removal service, you’ll cross one more task off your to-do list.

Garage demolition can be tricky especially if attached to the main house. Care must be taken not to remove any structural components needed for the main house and make sure that items above are carefully considered so that no one is injured in the demolition process. When razing a free-standing garage, demolition professionals must understand which way the garage will fall and keep other valuables and persons clear. A garage removal performed by the right team can ensure a safe work area. Don’t forget about our fence removal services too.


Tearing down these structures can prove more troubling and even dangerous than what you may have initially thought. Garage demolition and shed removal often exposes you to rusted metal and exposed nails. When concentrating on breaking down the shed, you may not notice what you’re stepping on or what might be hanging off of pieces you already knocked down. The last thing you’ll want to deal with is stepping onto a rusty nail and needing to go to the doctor for a tetanus shot. By using a professional shed removal service, you’ll have the shed torn down and removed without you dealing with the potential side effects and consequences of removing the shed on your own.


After you have the shed knocked down, you’ll need to remove the material from your property. However, you may find you can’t simply place it on the curb for trash day. The wood and metal used in the construction of your shed will not be picked up, which can leave you with a large stack of unusable items sitting there by your drive. This is not only unsightly, reducing the overall appearance of your curb appeal, but if you’re part of a Home Owner’s Association, it is likely against the rules and regulations set out by the Home Owner’s Association.

Knowing how to tear down a shed is just the first part. After dismantling you will likely need to deal with materials sitting around on the curb, your best bet is to take advantage of the professional service offered by Valet Trash Professional. Our team arrives on time and will come out and knock down your shed. Once the shed has been knocked down, the materials will be collected and disposed of. This way, instead of trying to drag all the materials out to the curb yourself and risking a potential injury all you need to do is give Valet Trash Professional a call and set up a time for when the knockdown and removal can take place.

Use us also if you have an old fence. Our fence removal team can dismantle wood and chain link fencing and dispose of these items along with the shed tear down. Valet Trash Professional team members will pick up all of the nails and other loose material. This way, when you go back to where the shed was, you won’t need to sift through the lawn and try to pick up missed items yourself. All you need to do is remove the items from the shed you wish to keep, and the rest will be taken care of for you.

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Is your shed no longer needed? Are you in need of garage removal services? Do you have an old fence that is beyond repair? Stop researching how to tear down a shed and leave these services to us. Whether you are moving and or these assets are starting to fall apart, a fence removal and shed removal service is available to you through Valet Trash Professional. So, if you have a shed that needs to come down, now is the time to give the team at Valet Trash Professional a call. A helpful customer service representative is standing by, ready to help, answer questions, and schedule a shed tear down and removal professional service that fits your individual needs.

Do you have an old fence that needs to be removed? A chain link fence removal can be a be a tedious process as well as can cause injuries. Chain link fence removal can often be avoided but at times they are beyond repair. We like to recycle these items if at all possible but sometimes they are rusted beyond that and dealing with rusted metal can be dangerous. We also offer estate cleanouts. Please call us if you have a chain link fence removal need.

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