While buying new stuff has always been easy, getting rid of accumulated junk can be very difficult. For individuals who feel so attached to the items they purchase that they develop a tendency toward hoarding, professional cleanup services are an excellent solution.

VTP Junk Removal perform a wide variety of clean up services that are best left to professionals. Remember: there are health and physical risks associated with cleaning up hoarded materials. If you need debris removal, vacant lot cleanup or estate cleanout we are the team to call.


Hoarding blocks ventilation openings and the resulting heat can cause a fire. The situation is worse if flammable items were collected. Such a hoarding situation is very delicate since anything could trigger a fire. And if a house is congested, extinguishing a fire is almost impossible.

The VTP Junk Removal hoarding clean up team can quickly identify covered heating vents and damaged wires and rectify the situation to eliminate the possibility of a fire. Since emergency responders will have limited access as well, it is best to enlist Valet Trash Professionals.


VTP Junk Removal has the personal protection gear and the right tools to make sure no one is exposed to bacteria or germs. We use special equipment to collect large quantities of items including dirt and debris removal, waste and other potential hazardous items. Hoarding and estate cleanout situations can provide a perfect breeding ground for harmful microorganisms and special care needs to be taken to collect and dispose of these items properly and safely. Rotten food and other waste not only result in foul odors but can also cause illnesses. If you need debris removal or other hoarding cleanup, let VTP Junk Removal carefully navigate such a situation and make sure you are not exposed to harmful bacteria.


Decomposed materials tend to attract rodents and other vermin, some of which can be dangerous. Aside from harming you directly, they deposit accumulated wastes and fluids that pose biohazard contamination. Biohazard contamination can also arise when a hoarder has accumulated expired foods, chemicals, and even medicines. If containers break, the contents may result in chemical reactions that can easily cause a fire or emit harmful fumes.

There is also the issue of removing live and dead rodents from the house. When rodents grow to a significant size, they pose a threat to anyone who tries to evacuate them. The trained and certified Valet Trash Professionals hoarding cleanup team has the expertise to carry out all sorts of animal evacuation.


In some unusual situations, individuals hoard animals such as cats or dogs in their homes. Animal hoarding poses a threat to the animals, as they live in a congested environment and one that is often unsanitary conditions. VTP Junk Removal can handle various hoarding clean up services for these situations without exposing anyone to viruses or other pathogens.


Hoarding exerts agree that excess weight from hoarding can threaten the structural integrity of a home. VTP Junk removal estate clean outs will make sure that damage to the property is minimized by carefully clearing out hoarded items.

Another issue that affects the structural integrity of a building is mold growth. Hoarded material tends to cover up water leaks that, over time, can result in the growth of mold. Poor air flow can also accelerate the spread of mold throughout the house. VTP Junk Removal estate clean out team has the proper gear needed to work I these hazardous conditions.

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If hoarded material is accumulated all of a home, navigating the space can be a challenge. The VTP Junk removal hoarding cleanup team can maneuver safely to ensure they don’t topple over or bring down a stack of hoarded items onto themselves. Hoarding clean up situations require extreme care as an unknown item can easily injure an individual.


Have you inherited a vacant lot or home and now must manage them? Vacant lot cleanup can be a real time-consuming chore and mowing it may not even be feasible if there is an abundance of tree debris or other refuse on it. VTP can manage all of your vacant lot cleanup needs and give you peace of mind. Do you now have an estate cleanout need? These projects can be a delicate matter for the family after the passing of a loved one. Often times the properties are in very bad conditions or filled with a enormous amount of junk that needs disposed of. Estate clean outs can take valuable time and even can lend to prolonging emotional distress. Furniture removal requires trailers and trucks to transport these unwanted items during estate clean outs and having the right equipment can greatly affect the amount of time you will spend cleaning up these properties. We also specialize in garage demolitions and shed removals. Call your estate clean up professionals to take care of this for you.

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