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Do It Yourself home improvement has many advantages, but at the end of every project, there is home renovation debris to deal with. Whether you’re just beginning your DIY project or have the pile of junk that proves you’ve already completed it, VTP is happy to offer these helpful resources for disposing of the post-project debris.


A bit of caution during demolition can save many items like these for reuse.

  • Plumbing Fixtures. Bathroom and kitchen plumbing fixtures that are still in good working order can often be reused. When taking them apart, simply place all pieces together in a bag or box to ensure their proper future use.
  • Lighting Fixtures. Sconces, chandeliers, ceiling fans, ceiling lights, and outdoor lighting that are still working at the time of removal can be saved for use by another. Take the extra time to remove them properly and keep all pieces together.
  • Cabinetry. Kitchen and bathroom cabinetry can often be reused in a different home or repurposed altogether.
  • Trim & Crown Molding. Many types of older trim and crown molding are difficult to match, so salvaging what you are able could help another who is looking for something specific and save those scraps from the landfill. These items can also be used for craft projects and frames.
  • Hardware. Save hardware from doors and cabinetry. Just like trim and molding, certain items are difficult to find and could help another in their own home improvement projects.
  • Appliances. Kitchen appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves, and ovens are often replaced for aesthetic purposes as part of a larger kitchen renovation. While they may be of no further use to you, they can certainly be used by another.
  • Lumber. Full pieces of unused lumber can most often be returned to the store from which you purchased it. Pieces that have been cut or otherwise used are, of course, not returnable, but may still be of use. Even if you don’t need them to complete your current project, you may find it helpful to hang on to them for the future.
  • Doors and Windows. Remove doors and windows carefully for your safety and to maintain the function of the door or window. Prop them carefully against a wall where they will not be damaged during demo and construction.

If these items are of no further use to you, consider selling or donating them.

  • SELL. Your home renovation debris could be someone else’s treasure! Offer items up to friends, family, or neighbors. At times placing them on the curb with a “FREE” sign is enough to help them find a new home. Keep in mind your city or neighborhood regulations if you consider this option, as some areas have rules regarding curbside items. It may be more effective to place a simple add on your social media page, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or a number of other buy & sell apps. This may help you rehome your unwanted items quickly and maybe even make a bit of cash in the process.
  • DONATE. Habitat For Humanity ReStores accept donations of household items and building supplies. In Northwest Arkansas, there is a ReStore location in Fayetteville and one in Bentonville. “The money raised by Habitat ReStores helps families build a decent and affordable place to call home. When the items you donate to ReStore are sold, the money helps families achieve the strength, stability, and independence they need to build a better future.” Their website offers this list of the items they accept for donation.

Habitat ReStore accepts new and gently used appliances, furniture, building materials, household goods and more from individuals and companies. Each ReStore is unique, and many locations also accept items outside these categories. Check out our article on How to Remove Old Carpet if you want to read and learn more about the topic.



Once you’ve donated or sold any reusable items, you will likely still have a good deal of home renovation debris to dispose of. Dumpster rental is an option. When contacting a private dumpster company or your local trash provider, be sure to inquire about time restrictions and pricing options. Be sure to ask whether you will be charged by volume, weight, or time. Consider how long your renovation is likely to last and whether you want a dumpster in your driveway that long. If your driveway space is limited, dumpsters may need to be placed in the street. Consult your city and property owner associations may for restrictions and regulations on where dumpsters can be parked and for how long.


If you have a truck or trailer, you may consider disposing of your home renovation debris yourself. While some communities offer periodic bulky waste drop off, cities like Fayetteville have canceled the spring bulky waste clean-ups for safety reasons. “The City of Fayetteville’s Recycling and Trash Collection Division is announcing that the Spring Bulky Waste Clean-Ups scheduled for April 18 and April 25, 2020, are postponed until the summer in response to COVID-19 and the need for social distancing. New dates will be announced later in the summer as conditions allow for easing of social distancing guidelines.”

You can still drop off your own home renovation debris at the Eco-Vista Landfill in Tontitown, AR. They accept construction and demolition debris and are open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm. Check their website for holiday closures and altered schedules. When you arrive, keep in mind that you will have to drive your own vehicle to the dumping spot. This can be a rough drive and you are at risk of running over items that could possibly damage your vehicle or tires. Employees will direct you to the proper dumping location, but you will need to unload your truck and/or trailer yourself, so dress appropriately and wear gloves. Since most home renovation debris is loose and not baggable, you may want to bring a shovel to help you unload. Disposal fees at the landfill can only be paid by check, debit card, or credit card. They do not accept cash or American Express.

The Boston Mountain Solid Waste District offers DIY bulky waste disposal for everyone in Northwest Arkansas. Their information is as follows:

Boston Mountain Solid Waste Disposal

Boston Mountain: West Washington County Transfer Station

11398 Bond Road, Prairie Grove, Arkansas 72753

This facility is open to everyone. All types of solid waste (residential, commercial, and construction debris), recyclables, tires, household hazardous waste, and electronics recycling are accepted.

Hours: Monday-Friday 7am-4pm – Saturday 8am-noon

All loads must be secured or will be subject to a fine and the pricing guidelines are listed clearly on their website. Just as at the landfill, customers will be required to unload their own bulky waste and home renovation debris, so come prepared. They also accept items like paint cans, rims, and tires on a per-item fee.


Whether your home improvement project is done and you just need the junk and debris gone or you’re looking for some demo assistance on a big job, consider hiring a professional. Valet Trash Professionals has the qualified team and appropriate equipment to clean up and haul away your home renovation debris quickly.

We have a fleet of trucks, dumpsters, and heavy equipment to complete jobs both big and small. So what exactly can VTP do?

  • Simple haul off of your home renovation debris. If you have already completed the job and have a pile of things that need to go, we’ll pick it up and haul it away. No need to bag or box it, just pile it up in the garage, driveway, or yard, show us where it is, and we’ll take it from there! We’ll even bring the brooms and shovels we need to scoop it up and place it all safely in the dumpster. Lumber, drywall, old cabinetry, household fixtures, and other miscellaneous home renovation debris? We’ll take it all.


  • Demolition assistance. Are you removing an old deck? Tearing down a dilapidated shed? Clearing out barn? Taking out a fence? We’re always happy to haul away the debris when you’re done, but if you need some help with demolition, we can help with that, too! We’ve torn down and removed old trailer houses, sheds, barns, and even a small cabin. We’ll bring the muscle and the equipment to complete demo and haul away the waste.
  • Hot tub removal. If your home improvement project involves removing an old hot tub, Valet Trash Professionals can help.

We will drain and disassemble the hot tub as necessary to load it into our dumpsters and haul it away. Depending on the size of the hot tub and the location from which it needs to be removed, our team will either carry it out in one piece or cut it up for safe removal, hauling, and disposal. We will complete the hot tub removal in one visit and you can mark that to-do off of your list!

  • Playset removal. If you’ve got an old swing set, playscape, or trampoline that must be removed before you can build that new garden, put in a fire pit, or open the pool, call VTP. We have experience disassembling these items and hauling them away. Let us handle that part so you can get to creating your outdoor oasis!
  • Appliance removal. If your kitchen remodel has left you with appliances you are unable to move, sell, or donate, let Valet Trash Professionals handle it. If your items cannot be reasonably or safely reused, we will utilize a network of partnerships for responsible recycling of electronics and appliances. If reusing or recycling is not an option, you can rest assured that VTP disposes of all items responsibly and according to all safety regulations.
  • Landscape removal. While we are not a landscaping company, we have helped many homeowners to remove unwanted structures from their landscapes so they could reclaim their outdoor spaces. We can haul away landscape timbers, garden tools, birdbaths, and, yes, even concrete!
  • Carpet removal. If you plan to DIY new floors, you’ll quickly find that pulling out that old carpet is a chore, and figuring out what to do with it once it’s out is a hassle! We’ve helped property owners clean up their spaces by ripping out old carpet and padding and hauling it away so that they can lay new flooring and we can help you, too!



If you have questions about home renovation debris removal or demolition, you can reach Valet Trash Professionals in several ways. You are welcome to call or text any time at (479) 236-4981. VTP maintains a Facebook page so you can see some of the great jobs we’ve completed and keep up with the services we offer. You’re always welcome to message us there and we’ll get back with you quickly. Or if you’d rather, you can fill out the form on our CONTACT page or click BOOK NOW to schedule your appointment.

No matter how you contact us, you can always trust that owner, Kyle McCarty, and his team will treat you with respect and professionalism. We’ll answer your questions, provide a free estimate, and book an appointment that is most convenient for you. Our appointment software can even text you when we’re on our way! We will arrive promptly with the equipment necessary to get your job done. Once all home renovation debris has been loaded into our dumpster, we’ll even sweep up.

What could be better? Since we charge by volume, you may find it worth your while to clean out and get rid of a few other things, too. Old televisions? Mattresses? Couches? Furniture? Just add it to the pile and we can haul it all away at once!

We work hard to get to your job quickly and in many cases, we can get you on the schedule in only a day or two. If you’re anticipating a big job and want to schedule far in advance, we’re happy to accommodate that as well.

Valet Trash Professionals proudly serves all of Northwest Arkansas. If you’re in Bella Vista, Gravette, Siloam Springs, Prairie Grove, West Fork, Elkins, Goshen, or any town in between, VTP is ready to help you complete your home improvement projects by hauling away the junk and debris. Call us today! (479) 236-4981


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