As a property manager, you know that sometimes a full rental property clean out is necessary between tenants. If previous renters have left behind trash, furniture, and other junk, a professional junk removal company like Valet Trash Professionals can be a great resource.


  • Quick turnaround. Time is money and the longer a unit or home sits unoccupied, the less money you are making. When you contact VTP, you can expect that we will meet you to look at the property and provide a no obligation quote. We will take care to answer any questions you have, address any concerns, and then we will work efficiently to complete the rental property clean out.
  • Sorting. As we clean out the property, our team will sort items as we remove them. This ensures the safety of our team during the rental property clean out, but it also allows us to set aside items like appliances, tires, cleaners, and paint that require special recycling or disposal.
  • Experience. The VTP team has extensive experience in junk removal. We have hauled away single items and we have cleaned out massive hoards. We are efficient, reliable, thorough, and will be happy to provide client references upon request.

VTP Team


  • Trash. Loose trash and household waste is often a big task during a rental property clean out. Our team will bag this trash, haul it to our dumpster, and dispose of it appropriately.
  • Furniture. Renters often leave behind furniture that they are unable to move or no longer need. We donate usable items whenever possible and dispose of items that are unsafe or unsanitary.
  • Junk. Miscellaneous junk that litters the home, apartment, or outside property will be gathered and disposed of properly.
  • Outdoor debris. Children’s play toys, swing sets, patio furniture, dog houses, sheds, and other outdoor debris can be unsightly and unsafe. VTP will demo as necessary and haul these things away making the outdoor spaces of your rental property safe and usable.
  • Appliances. Ovens, washers, dryers, and refrigerators don’t last forever. If these or other appliances in the unit are in disrepair due to age or misuse, we can haul these away during the rental property clean out. We take measures to recycle as necessary and dispose of responsibly.
  • Flooring. Once the unit is empty of trash and junk, the flooring can be fully assessed. If you decide that the flooring is too soiled or damaged for continued use, VTP can remove and haul away old carpet and padding.



Valet Trash Professionals serves all of Northwest Arkansas. If you need a rental property clean out in Rogers, Bentonville, Fayetteville, Springdale, Bella Vista, or any of the surrounding towns or communities, we can help!

Contact Kyle at VTP today for more information and to schedule your appointment. (479) 236-4981


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