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Demolition in Northwest Arkansas

When you have a need for demolition in Northwest Arkansas, call on the pros at Valet Trash Professionals! Our team of junk removal and demo experts have experience in jobs both big and small. We have an experienced crew and the necessary equipment to tear down and haul away almost any structure you need to have removed!

Shed Demolition

Most backyard sheds are prefabricated and not meant to last forever. There are many reasons that you may need to have a shed removed. Perhaps you recently purchased a home and the existing shed does not meet your needs or tastes. In that case, call VTP! If the shed is in usable condition, we may even be able to dismantle it, haul it away, and find it a new home. Of course, if the shed in your backyard is unsafe, unsightly, or unwanted, then we will tear it down and haul it away!

You don’t even have to clean it out first! If it is full of unwanted items and trash, we will be happy to haul those things away as well. So if you’ve got a shed full of trash, debris, furniture, appliances, electronics, tools, lawn care equipment, and random junk, then call us to haul it all away! Read our article on Residential Junk Removal to discover more about Valet Trash Professionals, which offers this service to all of Northwest Arkansas.

Play Structure Demolition

Swing sets, play structures, tree houses, and forts are fun while they last, but they don’t last a lifetime. If you have a play structure that is unneeded but still has life left in it, then you may want to consider selling or donating it. Your personal social media is a great place to start. One simple post may lead you to a friend who would be happy to take that old swing set or fort off your hands!

Facebook Marketplace offers a convenient platform for selling items locally. Take any personal responsibility, disassembly, and hauling into consideration and be sure to follow all safety precautions when selling any item online.

Of course, you may also want to investigate options for donating your old playset. Potter’s House has thrift stores in Fayetteville, Springdale, and Siloam Springs. Contact them for their most recent donation guidelines and consider that when donating you may have to disassemble and deliver the play structure to the donation center of your choice.

Another great option might be to contact a local daycare or childcare provider. There are likely many small businesses that would love to have you gently used play equipment for their children.

“There will come a time when you need to dispose of them for good. Rotting wood, rusting metal, and cracked plastic can pose a safety hazard for your family and that is not a risk worth taking!” Check out our blog on playset removal for some great tips and resources for getting rid of your old play structures and swing sets. If you decide that a Do It Yourself demo and disposal isn’t your idea of a good time then give VTP a call and let our guys do it all for you!


Detached Garage Demolition

While most modern homes in our area feature attached garages, it was customary for previous generations to build detached garages. If you have a home in which the detached garage has fallen into disrepair and needs to be torn down, then VTP can help. Whether the cause is age, rot, structural issues, damage, or something else entirely, we have the heavy equipment to safely tear down your old garage, the dumpsters to hold the debris, and the trucks to haul it all away when we’re done! When it comes to garage demolition in Northwest Arkansas, you can count on VTP!

Barn Demolition

Northwest Arkansas is a beautiful mix of urban and rural areas and because of that, many properties on the outskirts of town have old barns. Valet Trash Professionals has taken down many different barns in recent years. In some cases, it was necessary to tear down and dispose of the debris, but in other cases, we were able to take the barn down carefully so that it could be reused elsewhere. If you have an old barn and would like to discuss your options for removal, we invite you to call and speak with owner Kyle McCarty. He can explain the ways in which VTP may be able to help you remove your old barn so that your property is more functional and safe.

Workshop Demolition

While having a workshop for storage, woodworking, equipment storage, and other projects can be great, we often see old metal shops that have received storm damage that makes repair impossible. In these cases, we are happy to step in and demolish unsafe and unwanted shops. We have a great team that works efficiently to demolish and remove all materials from your property.

When metal materials are at hand, it is best to consider all options for recycling and proper disposal. As our scrap metal blog post explains, “the most critical thing to note is that the value of diverting waste from landfills is in the preservation of natural resources. When we recycle, we reduce the amount of raw material needed for making new products.” This is particularly relevant when tearing down shop buildings and other metal structures. Rest assured that we will always do what we are able in order to recycle scrap metal and keep unnecessary materials out of our landfills.

House Demolition

Houses are meant to be lived in and when they are left unoccupied for extended periods of time, different issues can arise. Inspection Certification Associates points out five major defects that can occur when a home has been vacant.

  1. Plumbing Leaks
  2. Water Supply Sediments
  3. Non-Working Appliances
  4. Pest or Rodent Infestation
  5. Broken Windows


Of course, any of these things alone would not necessitate that a home is demolished, but if a property has been empty, long-neglected, and these problems have persisted, they can lead to other issues. If age, vacancy, water damage, rodents, or structural issues have brought a house to a place in which it is no longer safe to inhabit or able to be repaired, you may find that demolition is the best option.

If a home must be torn down due to its condition, location, or any other reason, VTP is the answer! We have experience in partially and totally demolishing houses and we are prepared to meet your need for house demolition in Northwest Arkansas.

Mobile Home Demolition

Mobile homes and trailers can require customized demolition. For example, these homes are often found within a park or community where other homes are in close proximity. Care must be taken to avoid damage to other homes and properties. In addition, depending on the age and type of mobile home or trailer, the framing and construction materials likely contain a mixture of wood and metal.

Valet Trash Professionals has the special equipment required to demolish these homes, cut them into disposable pieces, load it all into dumpsters, and haul it all away. So if you have an old or damaged trailer home that needs to be torn down and safely disposed of, consider the team at Valet Trash Professionals! We have experience in this type of demolition and will work with you to meet your specific needs.


Chicken House Demolition

Like barns, sheds, and shops, chicken houses are prone to wind damage and age-related structural issues. Don’t hire an amateur to get the job half done, call the local experts at Valet Trash Professionals! We can handle your chicken house demolition in Northwest Arkansas from start to finish! Our knowledgeable crew, heavy equipment, and a fleet of trucks and dumpsters are ready and waiting! We don’t stop when the big stuff is gone. Instead, we work until the job is complete. This includes cleaning up the small stuff and leaving you with a clear plot of land where that old chicken house once stood.

Of course, we will do what we can to recycle the scrap metal once your chicken house has been torn down. You will find that it’s well worth it to hire our professional crew to demo, sort, recycle, and dispose of all that debris! Our scrap metal blog further explains how the recycling process works.

We utilize our relationships with local partners to recycle scrap metal when possible. We do this because we care about the environment and responsible disposal and recycling. We do not buy your scrap metal or offer credit for any scrap metal during junk removal because the additional logistics and handling of the metal for recycling exceeds the resell value.

Decks and Fence Demolition

When it’s time to replace that old deck or privacy fence, call on VTP! Whether you’re dealing with damage, age, or just aesthetics, replacing or updating those decks and fences can be a real chore. When it comes to taking down the old, you can count on us to demo and clean up when we’re done. Then you’ll be left with a clean slate for whatever you choose to replace it with!

Can You Do It Yourself?

Some homeowners prefer to DIY their demolition projects and we understand that! If you choose to tear down your own shed, barn, or other structure, we are happy to haul away the debris when you’re done! You might even want to clean out the house and add your other unwanted junk to the pile before you call us! We’ll take furniture, appliances, household junk and nearly anything else that needs to be removed! Whatever level of demo or junk removal you require, Valet Trash Professionals is here to serve you!

Who Is Valet Trash Professionals?

Valet Trash Professionals is locally owned and operated by long-time Fayetteville resident, Kyle McCarty. He has more than a decade of experience in municipal trash and recycling, not to mention his hands-on junk removal and demolition experience. That means that Kyle knows the industry from all angles and that works to your advantage!

You don’t have to spend days or weeks tearing down that unwanted building and hauling it to the dump, because VTP can do it all for you! Since we offer both junk removal and demolition, that means that you don’t even have to remove those unwanted items and trash from your shed, barn, or garage before you call us.

Our crew of junk removal experts will clear out your unwanted junk and tend to all the details of your demolition and cleanup. All you’ll have to do is figure out what to do with that free and clear space when we’re done!

Areas We Serve

The VTP office is conveniently located in Elm Springs which means we are centrally located no matter where your demo job is located in NWA! We proudly serve these cities as well as the communities that surround them.

  • Bella Vista
  • Bentonville
  • Rogers
  • Lowell
  • Bethel Heights
  • Cave Springs
  • Highfill
  • Gentry
  • Gravette
  • Springdale
  • Fayetteville
  • Tontitown
  • Siloam Springs
  • West Fork
  • Goshen
  • Elkins
  • Greenland
  • Farmington
  • Prairie Grove

If you are in a rural location or have a question about our service area, we invite you to give us a call at (479) 236-4981.

How to Schedule Demolition in Northwest Arkansas

Scheduling demolition in Northwest Arkansas is easy! First, call us at (479) 236-4981! Kyle will be happy to take your call, explain the demolition process, and answer any questions you may have. Then we’ll book an appointment that works best for your busy schedule. We understand your time is valuable, so we will send you a message when we’re on our way and our crew will arrive on time. Then we will take a look at your demo project and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote for our services. When you give us the okay, then we will book a window of time to complete demo and cleanup. On demo day, our crew will arrive with the proper equipment and get to work! Of course, each project is unique and will require its own timeline, but we will provide you with all of that information upfront and then work efficiently until the job is done!

When all is said and done, we want you to be satisfied with your choice for professional demolition in Northwest Arkansas. Let’s get started! Call or text Valet Trash Professionals today at (479) 236-4981!

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